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Together to Success" Ort Baude Practical Engineering College - First Year Summary Report – NAS Company

Business Partnerships in a Competitive World - A worldwide Review - Dr. Keren Sagi - August 2021

Arab Students at MAHAT technical colleges - Review and Recommendations - February 2021

Review – Presentation

Review – Report

Technology Education 2030 - Sequence of learning from middle school to employment - March 2021

The ‘Working Together’ Initiative – September 2020

The initiative for promoting technology education in youth villages—summary, June 2020

Project "Together for Success": an evaluation and recommendations for an optimal operating model

Full report

Summary and recommendations for an optimal operating model

The involvement of technical colleges in the Israeli STEM ecosystem, a webinar—March 2020

STEM ecosystem overview: the place and characteristics of United States community colleges (Jan Morrison, founder of TIES)

Peer learning about distance learning and its effect on dropout rates—July 2020

Reducing preparatory program dropout rates (Roi Ohev Zion from ATID College, Tel Aviv)

“Heznek for Practical Engineers” in Be’er-Sheva (Liron Zino and Dr. Zohar Nir from Be’er-Sheva Technical College)

Project “Together for Success” (Daniel Fosslnitz from ORT Rehovot College)

The behavioral aspects of dropout rates in technical colleges (Sharon Sports from KAYMA, Professor Dan Ariely’s research company)

What we learned from 5 years of working to reduce dropout rates in academic institutions (Eran Mozel from Social Finance Israel – SFI)

Distance learning and its effect on reducing dropout rates in technical colleges (Dr. Etti Kochavi from MAHAT)

A study on the integration of honor students in practical engineering training in Israel (by Yulia Bronstein from the Technion Institute—2019)

Leadership Program for Managers of Technological Colleges - 2019

The Finland study tour—part of the leadership program for technical college executives—was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and the Bronicki family.


The 2019 “Heznek for Practical Engineers

Study Day: Leading Programs for Practical Engineers

EdTech as a Bridge: Major Trends – Dr. Ilan Ben Yaakov, MindCET

Bridging the Gap Between Classroom Learning and Life in the Digital Age – Avi Warshavsky, the founder and CEO of MindCET

Summary of the Leading Programs for Practical Engineers study day held on January 31, 2018

It's Happening
Prominent Organizations Present Case Studies of Programs 4

Practical Engineer Starter – Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services and JDC-TEVET, Moona – A Space for Change

“Heznek” for Practical Engineers, “Heznek” (NGO)